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Orthopaedics in Alicante

We shape your mobility

In our orthopaedic centre in Alicante, we are dedicated to improving your quality of life through personalised orthopaedic services. Whether you are looking for solutions for sports injuries, joint problems or any other musculoskeletal condition, you will receive comprehensive and personalised care.

We have the latest technology and innovative treatments to address a wide range of orthopaedic problems. From customised orthoses and prostheses to targeted rehabilitation therapies

Technical aids

House walkers and lift beds.



Diabetic footwear, children’s footwear, insoles and tovipie.

calzado diabetico, infantil, plantillas y tovipie


Immobiliser collar, back brace and knee pads.

ortesis ortopedia en alicante


Swimwear, breast forms, bras.

bañadores post-mastectomia en alicante


Wheelchair and lift hire



Wheelchairs, powerchairs and scooters.


At our orthopaedic centre in Alicante we offer a wide range of services designed to meet your needs, providing personalised solutions to improve your quality of life.

  • For those who require mobility assistance, we have a selection of high quality mobility aids, including walkers, wheelchairs and stairlifts. These devices are designed to provide support and facilitate daily life, ensuring that our patients can move as comfortably and safely as possible.
  • In the field of orthopaedic footwear, we offer a variety of specialised options, such as diabetic and children’s shoes, as well as insoles and tovipes. Our orthopaedic experts are trained to advise you in choosing the right footwear, taking into account your needs and guaranteeing durability.
  • For those requiring cervical or lumbar support, we manufacture custom-made corsets and provide products such as immobilising collars, back braces and knee braces. These orthopaedic devices are designed to provide stability and relief in specific areas, contributing to the recovery process and injury prevention.
  • For patients who have undergone a mastectomy, we offer specialised post-mastectomy products including fitted swimwear, breast prostheses and bras designed to provide comfort and confidence.
  • As temporary solutions, we offer rental services, including wheelchairs and lifts. We understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability, so we provide these rental options to meet the needs of our patients, avoiding an outlay on a product of momentary need.
  • We have a wide range from standard wheelchairs to electric wheelchairs and scooters. Our aim is to provide mobility options that meet the individual preferences and requirements of each patient.

At our orthopaedic centre, we not only focus on medical treatment, but also strive to offer a wide range of products that address the needs of each individual, customising the treatment and support product required in each situation and for each patient.