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At our hearing centre in Moraira, we perform comprehensive hearing assessments to fully understand each patient’s specific hearing concerns and challenges. Our services range from comprehensive hearing tests to the selection and fitting of state-of-the-art hearing devices.

We do not understand good care without good follow-up. Therefore, from the first time you place your trust in our team, you will receive support and an assessment of your hearing system. You will never feel alone on this path. We believe that a trusting relationship between patient and hearing care professional is essential for successful outcomes.

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Hearing aids

Explore the clarity of sound with state-of-the-art hearing aids, tailored to your lifestyle for a unique and enhanced hearing experience.



Optimise your hearing aids with our specialised maintenance services. Ensures long-lasting performance for constant, clear hearing.



Our range of accessories: From fashionable cases to advanced connectivity, explore our range of add-ons.