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Does smoking damage my hearing?

Fumar perjudica audicion

The fact that smoking also damages hearing is something we all already knew, as it seriously harms our entire health.

But now there are studies that support it, and we tell you about it from our Hearing Centre in Alicante.

Indeed, several studies have confirmed that smoking is also bad for our hearing, although not always.

We observed that both passive and active smokers are affected and their chances of hearing loss increase above the population.

Smoke exposure time

The most recent study concludes that people who spend more than 10 hours near smoke increase their chances of hearing loss by more than 60% and having to wear a hearing aid.

This research shows that the risk decreases markedly with smoking cessation. But well, with a bit of common sense, this was already intuited by our hearing aid specialists in Alicante.

Author of the study

Huanhuan Hu, Ph.D., of the Japanese National Center for Global Health and Medicine, is the author of the lead study, which he said:

“Thanks to the large sample size of participants, the long follow-up period and the objective assessment of hearing loss, our study provides compelling evidence that tobacco use is a risk factor for hearing loss”.

From Cai Salud, we know that ear specialists tell us, cigarette smoke could affect the flow of the small vessels in the ear, preventing oxygen from reaching them and causing them to malfunction.

Smoking is harmful

Yes, harm, we know it harms, but how?

The damage caused by smoking has been shown to be different from the damage caused by ageing or exposure to loud noise.

It is for this reason, and much more, that our Hearing Care Professionals launch an appeal to society in general, about the need not to smoke and to take care of their general health.

We also remind you that, for any hearing loss you may notice, do not hesitate to consult us at our   Hearing Centres in Alicante, Calpe and Torrevieja.

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