Children’s Audiology

We are ZIP centre

The ZIP (Phonak Children’s Zone) are Preferential Paediatric Hearing Intervention Centres with a model based on the adaptation of resources to the global, individual and geographical needs of hearing-impaired children.

Early detection

Don’t let your child’s hearing health slip through the cracks. We care for children from an early age thanks to our specific tests focused on newborns and infant audiometry.


Hearing aids for children

At Cai Salud you will receive 100% personalised and professional attention to find, among our hearing solutions, the solution that best suits your child’s needs.


Auditory tracking

After the fitting of the hearing aid, our professionals will provide continuous follow-up and will help parents to resolve any doubts that may arise during the process.

audiologia infantil en alicante

Hearing aids for children in Alicante

Cai Salud has become a leading audiology centre in Alicante. In our team you will find the best healthcare professionals who will provide you with personalised solutions for your child.

We are aware of the importance of taking care of hearing health from an early age. Therefore, one of our objectives is to offer the best possible care to our patients.

To achieve this, we have a wide range of hearing aids designed to meet the needs of young children, ensuring that it is an accurate and effective choice.

We understand that every child has different hearing needs, and we strive to provide expert guidance to help you select the most appropriate hearing aid.

What can Cai Salud do for your child?

  • Conduct a detailed examination of your child’s hearing needs.
  • Advise you in selecting the best hearing aid
  • Find the solution that best suits your needs and in your comfort